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John Deere


At JD Equipment Export, we can ship our used equipment anywhere around the world. We ship products both fully assembled, and packaged in containers to save costs. We have a fully equipped staff with extensive experience in packing and disassembling equipment in order to fit most strategically into the containers. Our goal is to make is easy for you to reassemble the equipment, but also save on the shipping costs.

We often use containers to ship because it saves significant costs for the end user. Container shipping also offers reliability and security against damage and theft. In addition, it makes delivery to you much less of a hassle as there is no need to schedule specialized transportation once the equipment arrives in your geographic region.

We containerize the equipment so reassembly is as simple as can be. Mechanics will be able to put the equipment together with a large lift and standard mechanic tools. We'll mark all of the pieces for easy identification, and also include photos of the piece of equipment during disassembly and loading to assist in the process.

We also have many overseas banking contacts to ensure we can send anything anywhere. We accept various forms of payment as well.

We can ship a variety of equipment in containers, including tractors, combines, harvesters, planters, sprayers, cotton pickers, tillage equipment, drills, air seeders and many more. We use various carriers for our shipping as we are always researching the best rate in order to lower your costs.

To give you a better idea, here are some images of equipment ready to ship. Click an image to enlarge view: